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Cart 0 presents its Value Proposition

The staff at Sphere Electrical is super excited about opening up our new eCommerce store,, and highlighting the Liebert GXT4 product line. We have been working with Liebert for many years, and are a trusted solutions provider to them. 

Tim Martin, Account Representative for Emerson Network Power/Liebert, affirms that fact in the following testimonial “Over the years, Sphere Electrical has been a wonderful partner to us. When we bring Sphere into a job, we can rest assured that the project will be designed appropriately, and completed in a timely, professional, and high quality manner.”

At, we believe we will be successful in extending our reach to non-local customers because of our three-tiered value proposition:

  1. As a Solutions Provider to Liebert, we know this space better than any other eCommerce provider, and can ensure that you are ordering the right products for your particular application.
  2. Our unique Ordering Guide steps you through the selection process, so you can feel confident that the accessories you purchase match the particular UPS that you are ordering
  3. We scanned the web, and are selling our equipment at the LOWEST PRICE out there. How, you ask?  
    • As a Solutions Provider, we possess strong buying power with our vendors
    • sells direct to the consumer, so we don't need to raise our prices to account for a middle man
    • While we do operate brick and mortar facility, most of our costs are already accounted for. This allows to price in very low overhead, and pass those savings onto you

At, we provide product expertise, ease of use, and lowest cost -- That is our value proposition, and our niche.

Learn more about Sphere Electrical at

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