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Liebert GXT4 5000VA UPS - 208/120 or 240/120 VAC

Liebert GXT4 is a true on-line UPS that delivers continuous, high-quality AC power to IT equipment with no break when transferring to battery. It protects equipment from virtually all power disturbances due to blackouts, brownouts, sags, surges or noise interference.

For robust protection from 500-10,000VA, these Liebert GXT4 UPS models provide industry leading features in a compact design.

Dimensions: 6.8"H x 16.9"W x 26.1"D

Each unit now ships on individual pallets. The installation site will need to have a loading dock or lift gate truck for delivery.

Click here for additional information and specs.

Included items:

  1. 5000VA / 4000Watt
  2. Runtime is 6 minutes at full load and 18 minutes at half load
  3. Input Power is 208VAC Single Phase, hardwired or L14-30 with Optional PODs
  4. PD2-HDWR - 30A Power Output Distribution, hardwired input and output, with NO bypass
  5. GXT4-144BATKIT – Internal battery
  6. IS-WEBCARD – Communications card
  7. RMKIT18-32 – Rack slide kit
  8. Two-year factory warranty

Optional items:

  1. PD2-001 – PDU w/ Bypass and (1) L6-30R, (1) L14-30R, (4) 5-15/20R T-slot receptacles
  2. PD2-002PDU w/ Bypass and (2) L6-20R, and (2) 5-15/20R T-slot receptacles
  3. PD2-003PDU w/ Bypass and (2) L6-30R, (4) 5-15/20R T-slot receptacles
  4. PD2-004PDU w/ Bypass and (4) L5-20R, (2) L5-30R receptacles
  5. PD2-005PDU w/ Bypass and (4) L5-20R, (2) L6-30R receptacles
  6. PD2-006PDU w/ Bypass and (4) L6-20R receptacles
  7. GXT4-144VBATT – External battery cabinet to extend runtime
  8. GXT4-144VBATKIT – Internal battery replacement kit 
  9. RS500 Flush-mount shelf for 19" wide telecom/relay rack
  10. 3WEGXT4-5000208 – 3-year extended warranty

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